Smile Makeover

Every dentist has their own approach to designing a patient’s new smile. I love getting to know our patients first to understand their needs and align our expectations.


With access to state-of-the-art technology like the iTero intraoral scanner, your new smile can be designed on a computer and then a proposed model of your new teeth can be printed. Photos also play a large role on how certain aspects of your new smile, like shape and color, can be better communicated to the lab technician.

Mock up

It’s time to see first-hand what your new smile can look like before work even begins. We overlay a template filled with tooth colored material, which shows valuable information about your proposed teeth like shape, length and width. If there is anything we wish to change, it’s easy to do so at this step.

Try in/Delivery

What an exciting day! This is the opportunity to see your new smile for the first time. For many this is an experience they’ll never forget and for some, a life changing moment.



How Does Invisalign Work?

All clear aligners are not equal. Patient experience and results can vary greatly depending on the doctor and the products used and there is no substitute for experience. Mosaic is proud to provide the best. Invisalign has put a lot of research and development in their trays to provide the most efficient and accurate results. Dr. Conley is an expert in Invisalign treatment and it’s one of her most favorite services she offers to patients. Her motto is straight teeth are healthy teeth, she believes that your best smile can be achieved naturally at any age. Adult orthodontics reduces risks of periodontal disease, abnormal tooth wear, and prevents the results of aging smiles. Invisalign aligns the teeth into an ideal functional position and can lay the foundation for finishing touches and cosmetic work.

Composite Bonding

Tooth colored, or composite bonding can be used to repair small chips and wear of front teeth. It’s often used as a tool to transition our patient’s smile to the final porcelain restoration.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

On occasion, patients need a full mouth rehabilitation in order to not only improve the look of their smile but also the health and function. The best way to describe this treatment is rebuilding teeth that have been severely worn or broken.


Dentures can look and feel very natural and are a great option to replace a full mouth of missing teeth. In most cases if our patients have missing teeth, dentures are a great starting point.

Teeth in a day

For patients that are looking for a non-removable option to replace teeth that are not restorable, an “all-on-four” procedure or porcelain bridges supported by multiple implants may be a solution to achieve the smile of your dreams.

Crown and Bridge

Crowns and bridges can be used to restore structurally compromised teeth and change aesthetics, fill in a space caused by a missing tooth. Crowns typically completed in two separate visits. Initially, the tooth is prepared for a crown in the first visit. The second visit consists of trying in your new crown and cemented permanently.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants are a fantastic option for replacing missing teeth. Implants provide a long-term solution replacing one or more teeth. At Mosaic dentistry we create a treatment plan specific to you using a 3D scan of the area using a guide to insure accurate and precise placement. The procedure takes about an hour with minimal post-operative discomfort. Once the implant is ready, a new tooth can be restored using the implant.Patients with good oral and periodontal health with adequate bone make great candidates for dental implants.

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